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A multi-instrumental, overdub romp with me on synth, tenor sax, bass clarinet and alto flute. I'm joined by Tony Green on drums and the late Tony Duncanson on percussion.

From the 1993 UNIT CIRCLE sessions with me on synth and flute (solo), Sigmond Dillard (bass), Tony Green (drums) and dearly departed members Ed Brady (guitar), Vernon James (flute) and Tony Duncanson (percussion).

Miles Away was inspired by Miles Davis' Filles de Killamanjaro album and became a mainstay of UNIT CIRCLE's live sets. Featuring Vernon James on alto sax backed by me on the Yamaha CP-70 string electric grand, Pepe Gonzalez on bass, Tony Green and Tony Duncanson.

A contemplative piano interlude that leads into Look Into Your Heart on my Echos CD.


Artist Album/Film
Carl Cornwell Echos (2019)
Pepe Gonzalez Looking Back (2017)
Project Natale Endangered Liberties (2010)
Project Natale Links (2008)
Fritz & the Duchess Music is Enough (2007)
Project Natale Live at Silver Plaza (2004)
Carl Cornwell UNIT CIRCLE (1992)
Jazz Street Station The Rythm of Love (1984)
Gil Scott-Heron Black Wax [film] (1983)
Gil Scott-Heron Moving Target (1982)
Gil Scott-Heron Reflections (1981)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson 1980 (1980)
Gil Scott-Heron Real Eyes (1980)
Gil Scott-Heron on "No Nukes" (1979)
Carl Cornwell & Olaive Jones Vital Force (1979)